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June 21, 2019by Malini Iyer0

June 21st, 2019, Summer Solstice 2019: The longest day of the year. Geocentrically speaking, today is also the day the Sun begins its southern course (Dakshinayana) with days becoming progressively shorter till December 21st. Dakshinayana is a great time to reign the outward expressing energies and focus on practices that take us inwards.

The Sun also enters the nakshatra (constellation) of Ardra today (6°40’ Gemini) and aligns with the galactic plane of the Universe that passes through this nakshatra. Sun represents our inner most power and purest form that fuels our life. At the time of solstice, as the Sun crosses the galactic plane, many of us question and reevaluate where we spend our power and energies. Around winter solstice we are busy making New Year resolutions and around summer solstice we are often re-evaluating how we are going to orient and focus our energies for the rest of the summer and the year. Make a conscious note of how you are using your inner power around this time, what drains your power and what enhances it.

Mercury just switched signs and Mars is about to switch signs from Gemini and Cancer. Both planets being very close to the transition point between 2 zodiac signs makes them volatile. Notice your tendency to be frustrated and angst. Instinctively communicating without weighing all options & consequences (Mars interfering with Mercury areas of life) as well as hesitating to take action and do the needful due to overthinking and analyzing (Mercury interfering with Mars areas of life) are common tendencies amongst people as Mars and Mercury traveling closely together in the sky. Mars is also casting an 8th house aspect on the Moon today, creating a level of inexplicable inner agitation which if not channelized with Sadhana will lead to implosion and then outward explosion. Watch out for your tendencies for micro and passive aggressive behavior and/or being the recipient of it.

Saturn and Ketu are also conjoined at exact degrees in sidereal Sagittarius, bringing in focus, rejection, deep dissatisfaction, great disappointments, and disillusionment – all of which can lead to loss of faith, hope, and depression with yourselves, our higher belief systems, political & religious systems and everything else. However, we are called to exercise higher discernment which may seem difficult without the support of a strong Mercury.

We are also in an eclipse cycle that will take place on July 2nd, 2019. Rahu, Sun and Moon in Gemini will be opposed by Ketu in Sagittarius, causing the solar eclipse. Venus will soon switch signs and join Rahu and the Sun for the eclipse while Saturn continues to be conjoint Ketu. This eclipse in Sagittarius-Gemini axis joined by Saturn and Venus will bring disruption and the opportunity to create new in terms of our relationship to others (more on this later). There is also a potential for natural calamities, political upheaval, and agitation & aggression with others.

Given the heavy cosmic energies we are all are navigating together, it is a great time to dive inwards through spiritual practices – pranayama (breathwork; to balance breath and thoughts), kriya & asanas (physical yoga; to move energies through the body and the muscles), meditation (to align the energies in the chakras (nerve plexus) and connect to the divine), and practice of kindness, compassion and service to all.

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