Relationship coaching

Open to All , Regardless of Relationship Status
No Prior Knowledge of Astrology Required - Only an Open Mind

What we do

This service is open to anyone who wants to understand themselves and their partners in relationships. Couples or relational partners (parents, siblings, friends, colleagues, teacher-student, business partners) are encouraged to book this package together. Each partner will get one individual session and the third session will be shared session with both people involved. More sessions can be purchased as per the needs of the partners. This service is a great compliment to couple’s therapy but can be used by itself to deepen the understanding between partners.

Individuals not in a partnership are encouraged to book this service to heal, work through their recurring patterns as well as understand and increase their capacity for love and all relationships.

Having birth charts of both partners to work with is greatly deepen these sessions. Birth date, time and location of each partner can be provided in the description text box.

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What you get?

  • Choose your own convenient time
  • 3 session package
  • Zoom links sent out within 2 business days of booking
  • Recording available
  • 10% discount. From $660, now $600 for 3 session package

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