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Dr. Malini S. Iyer


Growing up in Indian culture, I was always exposed to astrology and Vedic philosophy, without really understanding the science. Like many, I seeked astrology only as a predictive tool. I would turn to the forecast section in the local newspaper hoping to know whether I would score a 100% on my mathematics exam. Trust me, it used to be a big deal as an Indian kid in the 90’s where my entire career trajectory would depend on that mathematics test.

I got seriously interested in Vedic Astrology sometime in 2013. I was undergoing yoga teacher training then. I was bogged down and overwhelmed with all the astrological jargon thrown around. I was also tired of the elders in my family telling me about myself, based on something an astrologer told them. Around the same time, my brother-in-law, who used to be an ardent skeptic took to Vedic Astrology. On a holiday trip, he educated me about the layout of a South Indian style of reading a natal horoscope. That was the turning point. I started researching and found Sam Sadasiva Geppi. I instantly resonated with his style of teaching. His connection with his Guru, Amachi, his way of life, and his ethical and principled code of conduct drew me in. Ever since I started intentionally studying astrology, I came to a reckoning that  Vedic astrology is the science of how spirit takes form, how karmas are ripened, and what lessons we come to imbibe on this planet. The predictive power of astrology is only secondary to the deeper Vedic wisdom.

Over the years, I have participated in astrology research, focused on understanding ancient texts, evaluated ancient scriptures and how that knowledge applies to us now. I have developed a profound understanding and appreciation of the astronomy (physics) & metaphysics of Vedic philosophy. I have also taught at several workshops with emphasis on relationships, spirituality, career, personal development, psychology and unraveling deep embedded blindspots.

My desire and intent is to apply vedic sciences to help people connect with their own inner light and live an empowered life, from inside out.


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Vedic astrology not only has predictive power, but the ability to understand your psychic imprints and karmic cycles. Understand what planetary influences are dominant in your life, how are they affecting your life and when will these influences change.

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