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Get a custom personal reading to analysis the impact of Saturn, Jupiter, Ketu, Rahu, Mars or Mercury transit on you

What we do

Analysis of current transits, also called as Gochara, helps identify the timing of karmas ripening based on your current dashas.

Each planet has a specific transit time through a zodiac. While transiting within a zodiac sign, the transiting planet is more specifically in a nakshatra or starspace. In these readings, we will go deeper into the impact of planetary transits based on the Vimoshottari Dasha that is active for you.

Saturn (~2.5 years), Jupiter (~1 year), and Rahu & Ketu (~1.5 years) have longer transit times through a sign while Mars (~2. months), Mercury (~3-6 weeks), Venus (~3-6 weeks), Sun (~ 1 month), and Moon (~2.5 days) have shorter transit times. Karmas ripening also depend on what each of these planets rule for your particular ascendant or Lagna, and what they activate in your chart.

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