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September 3, 2023by Malini Iyer0
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Venus goes stationary direct in Ashlesha, Cancer on Sept 4th, 2023, marking the completion of its retrograde (Rx) cycle. As it transits Ashlesha, goes thro’ the gandhanta point between Cancer-Leo & re-enters Magha nakshatra in Leo – Venus will be making a third pass thro’ this section of the sky within last 3months ensuring we truly learnt the great lessons of this firmament. Venus is indeed ShukrAcharya – the hailed teacher of tantra, mantra & yantra, & therefore the teacher of karmic plane that you engage in with others. Shukra is also the teacher of Ojas (vitality/power)


In Magha, you are anointed with power of our ancestors – think of your genetics, the fact that you are bipedal with erect spine & no tail – something as simple as that is undeniable the gift of your lineage. Whereas the energy of Ashlesha is deep, psychological where you are grappling with existential questions of life – something similar to a teenager becoming an adult while questioning everything it has ever known. As Venus turned Rx in Magha on July 22, we were urged to go within to introspect on the source of your power – how much of your sense of power & confidence depended on validation from others – be it insistently posting pictures on social media, trying to get attention from your spouse/friends/loved ones, having people or things in life as collectibles so that you look good/superior, or faking a status. When Venus poked its head back into Cancer, recrossing the gandhanta point, you were most likely urged (in deep existential ways) to look at how you nurture yourself – the thoughts, people, food, materials, & vocation that you surround yourself with & whether that really aligns with your overall wellbeing & growth. This was also the time when Venus was deeply combust & Sun was purifying the Venusian desires – making many of you restless & less tolerant to inconsistencies in behaviors, standards & agreements (whether your own or as it pertains to others). Any form of manipulation of a situation, words, outcomes or others’ behaviors most likely backfired in some way. Hopefully you took sometime in past few weeks & cleaned up your relations & desires – so that you are well nurtured & ready to enjoy the influence/power you have with others (who matter to you)


Venus stationary direct on Sept 4 is really powerful to help you manifest your hearts desires – provided you have gone within & purified your intentions/purpose. In the coming months, my prayer is that we all move forward as a large community that takes care of each other with love, devotion, respect, joy & equity

Love, light & blessings,

Dr. Malini S. Iyer

PS: I’ll be teaching these concepts at Parashara’s conference in Nov

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