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March 5, 2023by Malini Iyer0
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I’m teaching a class at the Parashara’s conference on Retrograde & Combustion on Nov 19th, 2023. I am making this series on current retrograde & combustion cycles, so you’ll can get a sneak peek. For a discount code for the conference, use ‘Iyer’ – valid till Spet 1, 2023,

Retrograde & combustion are both first a function of speed of a planet that denotes their proximity to earth as we view them standing on earth. Retrograde cycle is when a planet is closer to Earth, & only appears to be moving backwards from our vantage. Combustion is when a planet is furthest from Earth (closest to Sun), & appears to be accelerating. They both only hasten or slow down a planet’s quality, especially how pertains as a specific indicator to your ascendant.

Unlike the Western way of thinking, Indian astrology deems a retrograde planet as strong aka, it is scored higher in the ShadBala scheme. Think about it, retrogression confers a Neech (debilitated) planet with a Neech bhanga (cancelation of debility) to that planet, indicating the power of retrograde movement. I never worried about a retrograde planet till I lived in the West & mind you, I come from a family that would even observe Rahu Kalam. Therefore, please take any usage of my words such as ‘confusion’, ‘hesitation’ etc with a big grain of salt. Culturally, spiritually & philosophically Indians have always heavily emphasized the need to go within (like in a retrograde cycle) before any outward conquest. And historically, India has been the only civilization to simultaneously & sustainably reach the pinnacles of inner & outer worlds. Just to preface with that.

Relevant Dates:

  • Saturn retrograde in Aquarius: June 17 – Nov 4
  • Venus retrograde Leo-Cancer: July 22 – Sep 3 (Combust+Retro: Aug 7-Aug 18)
  • Mercury retrograde in Leo: Aug 23 – Sep 14 (Combust+Retro: Aug 30-Sep14)
  • Jupiter retrograde in Aries: Sep 4 – Dec 30


Saturn retrograde in Aquarius:

Saturn is that part of us that promotes structure, boundaries, hardwork, responsibility & commitment. To develop these qualities within you, Saturn teaches you thro’ limitations on various areas of life it rules (as per your chart). Aquarius, where ever it falls in your chart, brings a quality of greater service, humanitarian efforts, serving our ambitions, connecting to the service class of society etc. As its ruler, Saturn in Aquarius is comfortable creating structures in social fabric, governance of the world / institution / organization that ultimately serve the commoners, organizing ideas & policies to the benefit of others & creating order in society. I’m speaking in broad strokes here


Saturn is retrograde (Rx) 4.5 months in a year – that’s one third of a year. Saturn Rx in Aquarius is a time when we are called to reflect, review & revise (3Rs) how we show up in service to the world. You may become aware of themes of injustice, prejudice, nepotism, favoritism & cultural / social / ethnic / racial biases. The first step to solving any issue is to become aware of it – including all its subtle layers. So, every time Saturn goes Rx in this space, you delve into a new layer of awareness. Saturn Rx is also a time when we develop sensitivity to an issue. Since this Rx cycle is in the nakshatra of Shatabhishak, you might become aware & sensitive to the kind of medicinal practices / malpractices that are employed. It is good time to review & compare various herbal, food, medicine or health practices you invest in. It could be something as simple as reflecting on how many painkillers you take in a month or how your food choices impact the planet? Is there a sustainable practice you can develop for your health or how do you simplify your vitamins, herbs, juicing practices? Is spending $$$ at a health food store worth it or can you donate that money to a cause dear to your heart? These are some of the many themes that may come up for you. But more often than not, Saturn Rx cycle is largely ignored (possibly because it’s so long) by the same folks who overemphasize a Mercury Rx cycle


Remember, Saturn generally inculcates its lessons by creating limitations. Notice the area you currently feel limited in – that most likely is Saturn’s energy probing you to look deeper & revise


Love, light & blessings,

Dr. Malini S. Iyer

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