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January 17, 2023by Malini Iyer0
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Saturn is that part of us that is deeply aware of the limitations of this life, whether it is limitations of time, money, energy, resources, respect, other people, emotional connections or just love itself. The awareness of our limitations is what triggers pressure, misery, stress, worry and fear, albeit we blame Saturn for our own internal responses to the awareness it brings


Saturn was the abandoned child of Sun & felt isolated, disrespected, fearful & unloved. There are mythological tales alluding to Saturn’s early-life predicament. To add to the misery, Saturn was also the recipient of society’s disgust owning to this disability & physical appearance. Since Saturn was sensitized to unsurmountable levels of suffering, Lord Shiva who Saturn revered a lot, guided him to travel around the world & address all those who suffer. Interestingly, we have all been programmed to fear Saturn; general consensus being Saturn brings suffering. But if you are deeply tapped into what Saturn is doing, you’ll realize that Saturn is the only one that teaches you to transcend suffering & by doing so, alleviate suffering in the highest way possible. The higher qualities of Saturn are commitment in the face of difficulty, service, maturity, contentment & capacity for solitude. Needless to say, without Saturn’s power one cannot make strides in their spiritual lives


I’m introducing this transit report by sensitizing you to Saturn’s energy for a reason. If you cast away your own misunderstandings about Saturn & approach him with love, devotion, & genuine reverence, this transit has the potential to yield fantastic results


Saturn rules both Capricorn & Aquarius. As such, Saturn is moving from one of his own signs to the next. Depending on what houses Capricorn (Cap) & Aquarius (Aq) are for your specific ascendant or rising (not Sun or Moon sign), in the last 2.5 years Saturn brought maturity or suffering (based on your relationship with it) in areas that felt constrictive – for some it was their relationships, for some their bodies & its fitness / illnesses, for some their work & career, & for some their families. Aquarius represents that aspect of Saturn where we are willing to be of service to things greater than ourselves, things that will outlast our lifetimes. Being a fixed air sign, Aquarius energy allows us to persevere through the ideas & ideologies we have already set in motion, bringing it to fruition. An immature relationship to Saturn may lead to feeling in-servitude or slave to a situation, victim or a martyr with resentment & bitterness towards life’s experiences rather than a gratitude towards the greater unfolding of lessons


Things to remember: The transit forecast below is for your Ascendant or Rising Sign – not your Sun sign or Moon sign. Saturn will cast its 3rd aspect on Aries & 10th aspect on Scorpio; if you have planets in these two signs, you’ll feel the influence of Saturn, People with Moon placed in either Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces will experience Sade Sati (7.5 years of Saturn’s pressure), however, not all of it is rough; Saturn’s influence during Sade Sati will depend on how close in degrees is Saturn to the Moon. And Sade Sati with Saturn transiting through Aquarius feels less strenuous than when Saturn is in a sign inimical to it. People experiencing Saturn return which Saturn transiting over their natal Saturn will also experience different flavors of this transit which I’m not discussing here. We all got a glimpse of this transit last year when Saturn briefly poked his head into Aquarius between Apr 29th & July 11th, 2022. Notice whether similar themes are recurring. Saturn is the slowest moving planet, so we all will feel the shift in the energy to a certain degree. But you’ll feel the impact of this transit more acutely if Saturn is active through the Dasha system, or your experiencing Saturn return or Sade Sati. Please book a transit reading for your own specific, individual analysis by clicking here.


Current Transit Analysis

Aries: Saturn rules your 10th (Cap, career) & 11th (Aq, highest ambitions) houses. After recognizing the restrictive nature of politics, powerplay, organizational systems 7 structures, & day-to-day struggles involved in your careers – & how that impacts your reputation, status & success. You have the opportunity to clarify your highest aspirations & successfully pursue it with Saturn in Aq for next 2.5yrs. Hopefully, your highest aspirations have refined towards something that has greater service to the world allowing you to have financial gains in the process. A win-win for you & the world. 11th house also has to do with your highest desires – be it money, a partner of your desire, a big home, or whatever it looks like for you. Expect your highest desires to be granted, provided you have done all the ground work up until now. Remember, Saturn will aspect your ascendant through this transit & you’ll feel the pressure to take action towards your highest desires.

Taurus: Saturn rules your 9th (Cap, higher principles) & 10th (Aq, career) houses, & as such Saturn is a Dharma planet as well as a Yogakaraka for you. In the past 2.5yrs, you have been clarifying what your higher principles, philosophies are; whether you need higher education & what kind of higher learning. This internal quest for higher purpose was coming from a place of perceived insecurity & instability. In the next 2.5yrs, with Saturn in Aquarius, you have a chance to turn outwards & do work in the world that’s meaningful & aligned with your higher self. This can directly reflect in the work you do for your career, or can also reflect you getting actively engaged in society & the way it functions. If you have already done the internal work, it is time to go out & do big things that impact the world. This is a Raja Yoga by transit, so do not go small. Give yourself the permission to do big things that may put you out of your comfort zone.

Gemini: Saturn rules your 8th (Cap, transformation) & 9th (Aq, higher principles) houses, & as such Saturn is a Dharma planet for you. In the past 2.5yrs, you might have come face-to-face with the uncertainty of life; how people & systems are unpredictable or unreliable, how there are hidden agendas or secrets, the many conspiracy theories, & that there is nothing you can actually control. From this place of disillusionment, you poured your energy into researching the inner dimensions & consequently transforming. With Saturn in Aq for next 2.5yrs, you will have the greater opportunities to access the higher meaning, purpose & philosophies in life. If you already have a spiritual practice, things may start to further deepen for you. There’ll be opportunities to even share your learnings & teachings with the world.

Cancer: Saturn rules your 7th (Cap, relationships) & 8th (Aq, transformation) houses. In the past 2.5yrs, you have gained clarity in terms of what goes into long-term relationships, friends & partnerships; mainly clarity towards boundaries & structures involved to keep relationships viable. Some of you Cancers that I personally know have taken the leap & even gotten married while some others have made a deeper commitment to their business partners or their romantic love. In the next 2.5yrs as Saturn transits your 8th house, you’ll realize the need to transform your relationships in order to align with how you want to operate in the outside world – be it money, sex, or dealing with your partner’s family. This may require you to search & research the validity of your own desires entangled with people, who you are in relation to others, & face the unpredictability of others. Sometimes it may bring the thrill of riding an excepted wave & sometimes it may make you anxious like you are on the edge of your seat. If you have the capacity to enjoy a good adventure, this can also be fun.

Leo: Saturn rules your 6th (Cap, hardwork) & 7th (Aq, relationships) houses. In the last 2.5yrs you have worked a lot & served things / people you love. You did the unpleasant tasks, faced / resolved heavy conflicts with close relationships, addressed potential health issues or injuries, or paid off looming debt if any. As Saturn transits your 7th house for the next 2.5yrs, you will recognize how the struggles of life are much easier to handle in partnership with others – whether it is a significant other, friend or business partner. You may also want to express your love to others by being of service to them. If your inner sense of self is not strong then serving those you love may feel like enslavement or martyrdom, given that Saturn will cast an aspect on your ascendant. Overall, this transit is very favorable for long-term relationships, especially if you align on your highest aspirations.

Virgo: Saturn rules your 5th (Cap, creativity) & 6th (Aq, hardwork) houses, & is one of your Dharma planets. The last 2.5yrs were about creating things you love – be it children, romance or creative projects. It wasn’t simple though, as you had to dig deep, address your insecurities, abide to boundaries / routines / timetables / structures, & lean to the flow of love even though you were aware of uncertainties’. In the next 2.5yrs, you may find yourself working hard towards the things you created with love. It is time to serve your creative endeavors as the have the potential to influence thousands. In this time, it is also important to pay attention to your health & potential injuries / illnesses, pay off a portion of your debt, & be selective about the battles you fight – as conflicts can be draining.

Libra: Saturn rules your 4th (Cap, heart) & 5th (Aq, creativity) houses, & as such Saturn is a Dharma planet as well as a Yogakaraka for you. While the world battled a pandemic, you were busy getting clarity on what liberates your heart to just love. It involved shedding things or people destabilizing your home environment, enforcing boundaries, reconnecting with your mother or motherland in healed ways, & letting your heart fill up with love again – not easy, yet you were one of the tenacious few that embarked on this journey. From the place of love, in the next 2.5yrs it is time to create things that are fulfilling. It is time for romance, exercising your innate intelligence & engaging in intelligent exchanges, children, learning new things or pursuing an art form / hobby. This is a Raja Yoga by transit, so do not create small. Give yourself the permission to create big things that the world may witness in awe.

Scorpio: Saturn rules your 3rd (Cap, interests) & 4th (Aq, heart) houses. In the last 2.5yrs, you had to use your own will, zest, & internal motivation to pursue things that deeply interested you. You also worked through your internal insecurities & discomfort while being compared to or when in competition to your peers / siblings. The competitive dynamic that was set in motion in the past yrs will lead you in the next 2.5yrs to integrate your interests in your heart & evaluate what you truly love. As a Scorpio rising, you are deeply aware of your emotions but this Saturn transit will help peel layers of your inner life, creating opportunities that can ultimately free you from the bondage of these probing emotions. A healing journey with your mother or working towards peace at home is possible – yet not simple as healing journeys often involve some kind of disruption first. You may also gain clarity on the greater intention behind integrating & healing your heart – it could be that you do not want to pass down your emotional pain, or in a bigger sense, you may want to leave behind an emotionally healthy planet. Saturn will also aspect your ascendant through this transit, keeping the pressure valve on your probing emotions. Based on how much you have evolved in your journey, this pressure valve can just let off steam or explode. But given your innate constitution, you got this.

Sagittarius: Saturn rules your 2nd (Cap, values) & 3rd (Aq, interests) houses. After worrying about your valuable possessions, income, insecurities & freedom of expression for the past few yrs, you will have the opportunity to pursue things that truly interest you. You may find avenues to express your interests & ideas, & how they will ultimately impact the world. It is time for fun, play, curiosity, friendships & being able to engage in healthy competition. It is also a time to understand the limitations of the ego self but use your ego as a tool to advance your interests/agendas. Traveling in pursuits of your interests is healthy.

Capricorn: Saturn rules your 1st (Cap, self) & 2nd (Aq, values) houses, and as such a lot of your identity is tied to your valuable possessions. In the past 2.5yrs, you were hyper-focused on your body, your fears associated with it, your personality & how it comes across, & your health in general. The next couple of yrs is a time to get clear what you value. If it is health, then you may go through a journey of cleaning up your food habits. You may also redefine your friend circle, the family members you keep close & the things you surround yourself with – because what you surround yourself with, defines you. It is time to align your values with your highest desires so your expression – be it your speech or things you define yourself with – reflects your truest self.

Aquarius: Saturn rules your 12th (Cap, subconscious) & 1st (Aq, self) houses. This transit may feel like coming into your own, where you feel like yourself again. The past couple yrs were hard as you felt your sense of self was inaccessible; who you knew yourself to be was lost somewhere bringing with it a lot of grief. That may have triggered a deeper surrender to the divine & things beyond our control. If so, the next couple of yrs will feel a lot more like you – you being present in your body – as you have shed the part of you that does not resonate with you anymore. You also have the superpower to bring the revealings’ of the subconscious realm into your conscious self, making you highly perceptive, intuitive & devotional. During this transit make sure to devote yourself to something greater than you while also carefully avoiding the feeling of servitude, victimhood or martyrdom – which are your blindspots.

Pisces: Saturn rules your 11th (Cap, highest ambitions) & 12th (Aq, subconscious) houses. In the past couple of yrs, you have been chasing your big desires & ambitions while dealing with all internal limitations & insecurities. With Saturn transiting your 12th house, you’ll realize the futility of your big ambitions & desires to change the world / worldview. Saturn in Aq will help you detach from your highest aspirations & surrender to the greater unknown. Being a Pisces Rising, you already have an innate quality of surrender but Saturn in Aq will allow you to structure your many ideas leading to ultimate peace. Not easy as the journey to get to true internal peace requires you to integrate sorrow, grief & deep solitude – Saturn wouldn’t allow for spiritual bypassing. Know that the persistent restlessness that you have been feeling has the potential to free & detach you, if only you can find the stillness. From that still place, you have the potential to become an emissary of peace, devotion, spirituality & detachment for the world. What more can a Pisces Ascendant ask for?!

I haven’t discussed the three nakshatras, Dhanistha, Shatabhishak & Purva Bhadrapada, that Saturn will transit through while in Aquarius. This is already pretty exhaustive but I’m easily reachable for you to book a mentoring session or a consultation to discuss further.


Love, Light & Blessings,

Dr. Malini S. Iyer

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