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September 16, 2020by caasadmin0

Tomorrow’s New Moon in the nakshatra of Uttara Phalguni in Virgo starts off a cycle where we are presented with the opportunity to organizing our lives. The organizing principles of Virgo is where romance from the previous nakshatra of Purva Phalguni evolves into marriage in Uttara Phalguni. This is the constellation Shiva, the eternal recluse got married to Parvati, the princess of Himalayas.

Shiva’s groom procession included all kinds of creatures from the jungle who were uncouth, unkempt, & uncivilized – which was met with disgust & surprise on the bride’s side


Shiva-Parvati wedding reminds us that for societies of the world to evolve into spiritual communities, the ways of jungle need to merge (contractually) with civilizations. This calls for a marriage between the reptilian (basal ganglia: survival), paleomammalian (limbic: pleasure/pain) & neomammalian (neocortex: higher function, abstraction, imagination, attention, complex reasoning, philosophy) brains. Based on his outer appearance, Shiva & his entourage appear more reptilian/paleomammalian & Parvati’s bridal party appear as neomammalian. In fact, it is the reverse. Contemporary civilization primarily operates from the reptilian or limbic brains – meaning, we live 99% of our lives in flight or fright response. By marrying Parvati, Shiva not only became her husband but also her teacher imparting her the knowledge of yoga, vedas & tantra. Together with their children Kartikeya & Ganesha, they brought this wisdom to society


New Moon in Uttara Phalguni gives us the power to commit to things that we romanticize about – our ambitions, the next job, a particular body shape – you get the picture. This is a good time to organize & manage your life, emotions, energy & resources in order to achieve your goals. Drawing from the contractual nature of marriage, one can apply similar principles to methodically approach life. Make task lists,

write down your goals & aspirations, draw up a plan, change your eating habits or things you consume (this is a big one), create collaborations with others to help you get to your destination, and literally commit to the relationship between you, others & the divine

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To get a reading for this new moon cycle go to: New Moon is also Mahalaya Amavasya or Sarva Pitru Amavasya dedicated to our ancestors. We are born in a particular lineage to fulfill our contractual duties or karmas of that ancestry. These are soul contracts. Sounds messed up but if you contemplate on it you’ll realize that you are working through similar version of karmic patterns that your parents or grandparents worked through.

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