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September 17, 2020by caasadmin0
Ketu, the south node of the moon, is transiting through a kink or knot in space called Gandanta. Sounds confusing, right? How can space have a kink? From our position on Earth, there are three distinct sections of the sky where energy gets knotted & there isn’t an easy flow. Gandanta points lie between a fire & a water sign (Pisces-Aries, Cancer-Leo, Scorpio-Sagittarius) where there isn’t a constellation bridging the energy between the two signs. Visible planets move forward from water to fire sign (unless retrograde) taking that leap from an emotional wave to the fiery action
The normal direction of Rahu & Ketu is retrograde – they are leaping backwards into the previous sign when they cross Gandanta. Thankfully, we have only Ketu at this point making that leap. Imagine standing between two cliffs facing away from the gorge & then jumping backwards trying to make it to the other cliff. Sounds scary? To top it, now imagine being headless like Ketu & attempting that backward jump between the two cliffs. Your head holds 4/5 senses – sight, hearing, taste & smell. That’s what Ketu, personified as the headless body, is doing right now. It can create a next level of chaos – a feeling of going down a steep road & your car breaks not working. To some adrenaline junkies (hint: me), this may seem like an adventure of a lifetime, to others, an utter dread
In Sagittarius, especially in Mula, Ketu’s fierce abomination towards personal & societal dysfunctions felt aligned till Ketu moved backwards into the first few degrees of Mula. Ketu’s fire in Gandanta can scorch even the things we want to preserve. It may feel like you are on a fierce weeding out journey till the 9/18. Once Ketu leaps backwards into Jyestha in Scorpio, except to find yourself in the deepest ocean bed, facing a truck load of insecurities, fears & vulnerabilities that contributed to the personal & societal dysfunctions & instigated the weeding out process in the first place. Notice anger & frustration come up because you feel like you worked a lifetime at healing your traumas & pain but that was just the tip of the iceberg. You may not be able to ignore all that you shoved under the rug for years. Ouch!
Dealing with your own fears & insecurities requires a warrior like courage which is presented in the star of warfare, Jyestha, ruled by Indra. Mythologically, Indra courageously allowed himself to be swallowed by a dragon who stole all water from Earth. He then cut the dragon’s belly from the inside to return water back to Earth. This story exemplifies qualities of deep, dark ocean of Scorpio & courage of Jyestha with Ketu being the headless dragon. Ketu in Jyestha allows for emotional courage that is required to first look within & then have those difficult conversations that threaten to break bonds. You may also find yourself decluttering your space as well as friend circle. This kind of work, even though exhausting, is what allows to create a fulfilling life. The times you feel that your leap may not take you past the gorge, remember Ganesha, the one who got his head cut-off. #Ganesha is also the embodiment of Ketu. Ganesha makes sure we reach our destination, in spite of the roller-coaster ride
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