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September 14, 2020by caasadmin0
We are living through one of the most transformative times in our lives so far. Can you feel and witness the rapid changes in your own level of consciousness, maturity and awareness? This is also reflected in the collective consciousness as we witness increasing polarity but also exponential increases in awareness for cultural, social and political issues.
The month of September is big because the cosmos is aligning to catapult us into our next phase of evolution. Yes evolution! None of us can afford to be our old selves.
These past couple of days, we have had six planets in their own sign providing intelligence and focus for us to rise above our own bullshit and mind-chatter.
Mars rules Aries, Moon rules Cancer, Sun rules Leo, Mercury rules Virgo, Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Saturn rules Capricorn.
Mars in Aries: Mars is the planet of black and white, binary action. It gives us the power of discipline, march forward and bring our ideas, visions and desires into action. In Aries, Mars expresses his masculine side, where it is all about putting your head down and getting the work doneĀ  just like the Ram. There is a warrior-like courage with a charming child-like innocence. Even though it is retrograde (retrograde motion makes us more reflective of that energy), we will still experience the capacity to just put our heads down, have the courage to discipline ourselves, get rid of distractions and get the job done. Ask yourself, what is it that you would like to get done and then go for it.
Moon in Cancer: Moon is the feeling, sensitive and reflective side of us that craves for heart-centered connection and peace. You see, the moon by itself is constantly wavering through its waxing and waning cycles. It creates tides of the ocean. Hence, moon represents our wavering mind where karmas penetrate. In Cancer, the Sattwic nature of the moon is supported which is to be receptive to feelings and emotions with innocence without judging or shaming them. In Cancer, Moon emerges as a great teacher, where it teaches us to merge with or integrate our vulnerability, just like a mother merges with her child’s state of being in order to tend to it. We can be whole only when we become present to our vulnerabilities. We feel most vulnerable and most courageous in our heart. Instead of trying to mother others, can we develop the courage to be sensitive and receptive to the tenderness of life? Notice heightened intuition during these times. Moon joined Venus brings in the quality of self-less love in relationships.
Sun in Leo: Sun empowers our body, mind and soul. It provides vitality and clarity. We can see because of the Sun, hence, is the vision of the soul. If there was no Sun in the sky, there would be no life on Earth. Sun in Leo is the lion on its throne. During this time we are urged to give up lower forms of power which manifests as ego battles, bureaucracy, politics and outright manipulation of people, and connect to the higher purpose. Focus on your dharmic vision for the future, let of egoistic pursuits and think of the bigger picture.
Mercury in Virgo: Mercury is our intellect giving us the capacity for flexibility and discrimination. In Virgo, Mercury is exalted because the intellect is able to express its nature in a neutral yet grounded way. Instead of getting caught up in the battle of ideas, Mercury in Virgo gives us the capacity to organize our ideas, emotions and life. In Virgo, the intellect is aware of everything that can and will go wrong. Yet there is a grounded, methodical (and not erratic, emotional) approach to troubleshooting. This offers a good time for chipping away at long arduous projects that requires meticulous attention to detail and working with the hands.
Jupiter in Sagittarius: Jupiter is our capacity for growth, expansion, faith, hope, higher teachings and wisdom. With all the current events, it is easy to witness how hopeless many feel. In Sagttarius, Jupiter is expressing its masculine quality of inspired life and inspired mind. Seeking deeper meaning and higher good through a sense of righteousness and duty is supported with Jupiter in Sagittarius.
Saturn in Capricorn: Saturn is our power of commitment which requires a capacity for solitude, facing our fears and letting of things that do not serve us. In the earthy, feminine sign of Capricorn, Saturn offers a determined and practical course of life while being aware of life’s limitations. The main limitation of human life is time on earth. We are deeply aware of death. Saturn in Capricorn gives us a capacity to be aware of the deadline (literally death) and work backwards to set milestones and goals in an effort to practically live life.
Together, being focused, practical, organized, structured, methodical with courage, heart-centered connection, hope and vision is supported. Isn’t that what we want when we are creating a change?
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