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November 12, 2020by Malini Iyer0

New Moon in Libra is celebrated as Diwali / Deepavali / Deepotsav, the festival of lights. Like most Indian festivals, Diwali is metaphysically celebrated based on the relationship between the Sun & the Moon. Sun represents the soul or the paramatman – the non-changing, non-dual self, & Moon represents the Jivataman or the mind – the aspect of the soul that travels & experiences karma. On Diwali, the new moon takes places when Sun & moon are the weakest. Sun is debilitated as its power is dispersed in Air quality of Libra. Moon is close to its debilitation point (in early Scorpio) where it is the most wavering. That’s when we light lamps to remind us of two luminaries in the sky. The lights remind us of the light within


Mythologically, the return of Ram (Sun) and Sita (Moon) back to their kingdom is celebrated on Diwali. It is said that after Ram killed Ravan & set on his journey to Ayodhya, his kingdom to reclaim his throne, it was so dark that the subjects in his kingdom lit lamps for Ram to find his way back home. The festival of lights guide us on our way back to our higher selves


Laxmi, the goddess of material & spiritual wealth is celebrated on this new moon to remind us of true wealth in life. Indians come together in a community to celebrate Diwali by sharing desserts with neighbors & friends, bursting firecrackers for fun, decorating their homes with Rangoli, sharing joy, love, laughter & music, & lighting lamps. This shows that on the material plane, our wealth is our connections with people – for it was Ram’s deep & sincere connection with the monkeys & their general, Hanuman, that led him to victory against Ravan. This is also a Libra lesson that this Sun & Moon cycle help unfold


Sun & Moon on this Amavasya (new moon) are joint Mercury, and aspected by retrograde Mars (8th aspect from Pisces) & Saturn (10th aspect from Capricorn). Mercury urges us to have a playful curiosity with people & conflicts. Mars on the other hand is pushing for a confrontation (maybe emotional too), while Saturn’s aspect is giving the necessary resilience & perseverance to stick it out through messy frictions with people


At the end of the day, our highest karmic lessons are worked out in relation to the other. Man is a social animal & in an era of overt individualism, we need to remember to come together in a community. It is easier for controlling influences to divide individuals but not a community that shares its joys & sorrows in union. Our ability to live in love & harmony with the other person, despite conflicts, opens up our capacity to ascend spiritually. Let the light enter you on this festival of lights


Happy Diwali

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