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December 11, 2020by Malini Iyer0
New Moon in Scorpio is also the Solar Eclipse with the Sun and Moon joined Ketu, the south node of the moon in Jyestha nakshatra in Scorpio, along with Mercury – Directly opposite Rahu in Taurus. Scorpio is a feminine sign, fixed water that compels all the emotional and intangible energies to be internalized. Taking positive action in the world has been a challenge because of the internal turmoil many of us are experiencing. Scorpio is also the original 8th house of the zodiac, symbolized by the genitals, where we are extremely vulnerable yet it is source of our creativity. The energy of Scorpio is motivated by safety and security but in the process the individual probes into everything that feels unsafe and insecure. Notice being constantly triggered by everything that makes you feel insecure and unsafe – criticism at work (because work is one place, we seek safety & security); hyper aware of your vulnerabilities with loved ones – especially a spouse or romantic partner because we are seeking to feel safe with them. Jealousy, envy, lying, dishonesty, guilt, shame, blame and perpetual romanticism with suffering and trauma are the escape strategies that Scorpio indulges in order to distract from the root problem
Venus joint all these planets (gentle feminine planet) makes it harder to feel good in the moment. Moon and Venus feminine but the fixed nature of Scorpio doesn’t allow the feminine energy to flow and feel good but enforces inner transformation. Moon and Venus are both motivated by feeling good and Scorpio makes that really hard
The story associated with Jyestha nakshatra ruled by Indra helps understand what we all are experiencing. Demon Vrtra swallowed all the water from Earth, threating existence of life. Indra, the warrior God, allowed himself to be engulfed with the demon eventually slitting the stomach of the demon from within, returning all the water back to the Earth. Vrtra’s belly can be thought of like the environment of Scorpio – fixed, dark waters of the deep – like the deep oceans where the rays of the Sun cannot penetrate. We are called upon to exercise courage & resilience like Indra to be engulfed in the deep dark oceans of our inner world to emerge back into the world transformed. It is the same thing with black holes that engulf stars of breakfast. The only way to emerge through a black hole is to drop straight into the singularity with complete faith and surrender and emerge on the other end. Ketu, the shadow planet, placed in Scorpio, gives us the stubbornness to drill deep within our psyches – like we are falling through a black hole or through the throat and digestive track of Vrtra to come face to face with our own inner darkness. It should then not come as a surprise that after Ketu moved into Scorpio in September 2020, the Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to Roger Penrose, Reinhard Genzel and Andrea Ghez for their work on black holes
Jyestha is also the eldest of all 27 constellations, Rohini (in Taurus, directly opposite Jyestha) being the youngest. Jyestha is the crone and temples to her were found in India from 300 BCE to 10 CE, emphasizing her wisdom and role in society. As a culture, we chase the younger, often equating youth to beauty & desirability. There isn’t enough support in contemporary society to help people transition from the maiden & mother to the crone. Ancient civilizations celebrated the wisdom of the elderly & seeked their guidance. But we collectively today perpetuate the constant comparison of the crone to the maiden, fueling insecurities & constant drama. This applies to men too where elderly men are not reintegrated back into the structure of the society, community & family. That’s why the old age homes! This is a good time to reevaluate our relationship the elders of the society as well as ancient wisdom
There is also a tendency to engage in constant power struggles & meaningless conflicts with Indra as the ruling deity of Jyestha – just because we are addicted to conflict, drama & trauma. No wonder, drama sells the most in the entertainment business
On the day of the eclipse all planets will be in feminine tamasic signs – the feeling of internal drag & drain is unavoidable. One may feel like moving around with a heavy wet blanket on them. Positive outward action may be hard. The Northern hemisphere moving towards winter solstice with days becoming shorter & less access to Sun’s vitality doesn’t help either. How can one then harmonize these energies? One way is to invoke Mercury which presides over Jyestha – by naming & voicing the workings of your inner world – either with a therapist or a support group / friend. This helps reduce charge on emotions by connecting logical / linear dots through your inner world. The second is to integrate the qualities of the sign opposite Scorpio which is Taurus. Ketu is a headless body – the head holds all your sense organs. Taurus is the original 2nd house of the zodiac, representing the sense organs. So, it will be easier to ground the mind, emotions & body by engaging in the 5 senses in a refined way. Treat your eyes to nature or a feel-good movie, eat comfort food, listen to mantras / uplifting music / guided meditation, and surround yourself with fragrances, beauty & aesthetics. Keep in mind that these are minor hacks for temporary relief and are no substitute to actually doing the inner work
On the world stage, I would expect some rattling truths, conspiracies, dark secrets, episodes related to sexual abuse / sex trafficking / pornography etc to unravel in the upcoming months. Every time you feel like life is out of control and your inner vulnerabilities are exposed to others for attack – imagine yourself falling through the singularity point of the black hole and emerging as your transformed self on the other side
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