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April 7, 2020by caasadmin0

Today, we have the #fullmoon in #Chitra nakshatra in the sidereal sign of #Virgo. This full moon is opposite the Sun in Pisces.

Wherever Virgo falls in our charts, we are hypersensitive to details in those areas of life. This is in contrast to the Piscean elusiveness where there is a tendency of escapism, checking out from the present moment, projection fantasies, hopes and expectations, and neglecting what’s right in from of us in this present moment. Virgo is also where we scrutinize and dissect every single detail. When this energy is exaggerated, it manifests as hypercriticism, scrutiny and fruitless dissection of every story, detail and personality. In opposition to the Piscean tendency of projection and fantasy, this full moon is Virgo presents the opportunity to examine where we project our inadequacies onto others, finding a way to deflect the blame onto others – whether it is the government, political and economic systems, or medical facilities and infrastructures. The tamasic nature of Virgo when internalize can also manifest as intense self-criticism, self-flagellation and self-sabotage. So you see, there are pitfalls in either internalizing or externalizing the scrutinizing nature of Virgo. However, this very nature of Virgo is great for organizing the details to bring the Piscean dreams and fantasies into tangible existence. For example, in the world of research and development, a strong Piscean nature will give the individual an out of the box idea or inkling for a solution to a problem, but one needs a strong Virgo nature to test out the idea by going down a check list of tasks, meticulously designing and executing experiments, and critically analyzing the data. Only then a tangible progress is made. It is therefore not surprising that Virgo is the sign of healers. Healers convert esoteric knowledge into practical solutions for health. With the Covid-19 pandemic, expect to see the light at the end of the tunnel as those in the medical community (scientists and doctors) work tirelessly to implement measures. Venus transiting Taurus also suggest caregivers coming together in tangible solutions.

This Full Moon is taking place in the nakshatra of Chitra, ruled by the divine architect, Vishvakarma, also indicating the support that is available to redesign the infrastructures of our lives.

Mercury rules Virgo and hence this full moon. Mercury has now joined the Sun in Pisces. Expect details to be fuzzy as Mercury navigates the watery environment of Pisces. When things seem cloudy and mucky, it often helps to focus on the highest quality of Pisces which is surrender in divine faith – not apathy but active faith that everything has a divine purpose and timing that is beyond human comprehension.

This Full Moon is also celebrated as #HanumanJayanti, the birth of Hanuman. Hanuman was a powerful incarnation of Lord Shiva and the son of Vayu, the wind God. As an infant, Hanuman was fearless, uninhibited, curious and naughty. To reign hanuman’s uninhibited nature, the Gods induced amnesia for him to forget his powers. On his mission to help Rama, Hanuman comes across #Jambavan, the king of monkeys who reminds and reawakens Hanuman to his own supreme nature. Hanuman helped architect Ram Setu, a bridge made of floating rocks that connected southern Indian to Srilanka – a near impossible task in that era. This stone bridge still exists and can be seen on google maps. Hanuman reminds us to harness the power of the #monkeymind by witnessing our #breath (#pranayam) in every moment, to reawaken our own divine nature, and architect a near-impossible bridge that eradicates our internal demons to leads us to greater freedom.

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