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June 25, 2020by caasadmin0

#Retrograde cycle of a planet is when the planet appears to go backwards in the sky from our position on Earth. The direct or prograde motion of the planet is from west to east in the night sky. Retrograde planets have an apparent east to west motion in the sky due to the relative velocity of the planet’s orbit around the #Sun compared to Earth. Retrograde planets appear closer to #Earth allowing us to go inwards with that energy. There is a hesitation in the outward expression of retrograde planets because the energy is drawn in.

#Venus has been retrograde since mid-May and is about to go direct.

Venus represents our capacity to relate to the other, especially those with whom we have our desires attached. It represents romantic partners, business partners, friends or any relationship where there is a transaction or “give & take” involved. Venus mainly shows our willingness to compromise to fulfill our own desires. Frankly speaking, compromise feels unfair. Hence with Venus, we evaluate our capacity to endure the unfairness of it all. This energy externally manifests as respect, accommodating others, & seeking comfort, pleasure & happiness mostly at the expense of others. The highest vibration of Venus energy is finding our happiness independent of the other or being happy for no reason. Emotional experience of higher Venus energy is pure #devotion.

When Venus is retrograde, as it is right now in the sky, it creates the opportunity to contemplate and reflect on Venus themes. As a society we have been going within to reevaluate respect for other ethnicity &race, value for other people’s life, value for other animals, willingness or unwillingness to compromise on our self-respect & freedom, the cost we pay for our momentary pleasures & happiness, & how do we achieve happiness & fairness for all. At the end of the day, these themes tug on our hearts. A soft heart would feel the pain of the other & the price someone else is paying to fulfill our needs & wants. Not just during the retrograde cycle, but daily it is important to evaluate how we feel when our happiness is built at the expense of the other. This creates a higher degree of #empathy and a deeper level of #connection with the others. As Venus goes direct hope you reevaluated, readjusted& redirected your desires so that the unfairness of the compromise is tolerable for all.

In the picture below:
(A) Retrograde motion of Mars and how it appears in Earth’s night sky. At points c, d, and e, Mars will appear retrograde from Earth;
(B) Prograde and retrograde motions of 5 planets as seen from earth. Paths of Venus in blue, Mercury in green, Mars in red, Jupiter in indigo and Saturn in white. The loops in each planet’s path show the retrograde motion. Mercury is retrograde almost 3 times;
(C) Five variations of retrograde paths of Venus; and
(D) Composite paths of Venus over 192 years

Retrograde planets

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