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February 15, 2022by Malini Iyer0
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Is power given, taken, or are you born into it?
This Full Moon (FM) we have the Sun in Aquarius illuminating the Moon directly opposite it, in the constellation of Magha in Leo. Magha is ruled by Pitris, our divine ancestors & symbolized by the throne. FM in Magha is a reminder of our own power, the power we are born into by the grace of our ancestors – all those who came before us. For some this birth may not feel empowered albeit the opposite; yet one needs to put this birth in the larger perspective of karmas unfolding through lifetimes. Each one of us is placed in position to finish karmas of our lineage, break family patterns, evolve beyond the limitations experienced by our pitris, & attain mastery, enlightenment & moksha – whether we act it or not. That’s the throne you are born into & that’s the power available to you
You may experience the tug-of-war between wanting to be of service to others (Sun in Aquarius) & reigning in your power/authority (Moon in Leo). Jupiter’s 7th aspect on this FM will help harmonize polarizing push-and-pull more gracefully. True power is an inside job that doesn’t require brute exertion of authority. True power also doesn’t delight in dominance over others, instead takes pleasure in authentically serving others. Sun in Aquarius opposite the Moon in Magha, reminds us of power that lies in serving humanitarian causes & not in the self-interested possession of it. Shouldn’t that how the governments of the world & leaderships of organizations (Kings of today) be? Magha reminds us that the king (or queen) is a king whether crowned or not. The original intent of celebrating Kumbha (Aquarius) Mela (fair/festival/pilgrimage) every 12 years was to celebrate Jupiter’s return in Aquarius in the month of Magha, when Sun is also in Aquarius & FM is in Leo. Aquarius signifies the masses, Sun the king & Jupiter the Guru. Therefore, Kumbha Mela would take place when the king & Guru came to their subjects – celebrating distribution of power with common people. Since, the astrological significance behind these celebrations is lost in translation – the dates of Kumbha Mela celebration is widely disputed. Technically, Kumbha Mela should have been organized around this year’s Magha FM (I’m not suggesting a mass gathering in Covid times – just explaining technicalities). In contemporary times, we can celebrate democracy on this FM in Magha
Whatever area of life Leo represents in your chart, that area of life is where light enters & illuminates your being. This FM is a great time to reflect upon where light enters your life from. Drop a line below & let me know. In my case, I experience light enter my life through the contributions I make to the fields of biology/medicine, jyotish, depolarizing social tensions & giving hope to those at a disadvantage
Love, Light & Blessings,
Dr. Malini Iyer

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