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January 16, 2022by Malini Iyer0
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Full Moon (FM) in Cancer is a time to tap into the tenderness of the heart & nurture what your creativity or your creation. For some, it is literally children while for others it is their various creative pursuits
The exact degrees of this FM lies at the intersection of Punarvasu & Pushya nakshatras. Punarvasu is ruled by Aditi who gave birth to the Aditya(s) (Sun gods or various Suns in our Universe). Pushya is ruled by Brihaspati (priest of gods) who loved & nurtured Buddha (Mercury), born out of wedlock from an affair between his wife Tara & Chandra (overlord of Moon). This FM therefore is very conducive to give birth to & nurture that which you want to bring into this world (including children). It’s also a time when you can tap into & contemplate on the energy of parenthood (motherhood) – what it really means to you
Nurturing is an unconditional act of love; a love distinct from romantic love with equal give & take. Children & pets easily invoke unconditional giving in us albeit it is not always easy, straightforward or w/o complications. Moon, ruler of Cancer, is motivated to feel good/comfortable all the time & is therefore constantly wavering. In astrology, Moon also represents the mother. So, a wise mother constantly transforms, evolves & adapts as her child grows & changes – but it may not always feel good, in fact, it is one of the most uncomfortable feelings. Ironical, isn’t it? This FM is an opportunity to surrender ourselves & the chatter in our minds – in service to those that we birth. In that deep surrender is when we get in touch with the eternal stream of pure love & devotion. Be careful to not treat relationships based on said & unsaid agreements, vows, even exchange & mutual give-take with unconditional giving. It’s important to have a level of discernment with the overwhelming love you may experience this FM
Of course, based on your chart, Cancer may be a particular house or area of life. eg:
For Capricorn rising, Cancer is the 7th house of partners, for Taurus – Cancer is the 3rd house of siblings & peers. This FM will provide an opportunity to open your heart to that particular area of life. Exercise discernment to not be disappointed later
To tap into the energy of this FM:
  • connect with your mother & express gratitude
  • focus on things you want to grow & nurture(like your art project or your home)
  • connect with your children & pets from a heart-centered place
  • express gratitude to those that allow you to practice devotion (it’s Shiva for me)
  • try not to speak ill about women, especially, those that are mothers
  • surrender your stress, worry, power-struggles, fears & feeling of being stuck (Capricorn themes – opp to Cancer)to the one you love the most
Love, Light & Blessings,
Dr. Malini S. Iyer

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