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September 10, 2020by caasadmin0

Mars retrograde in Aries (Ashvini nakshatra): Sept 10th, 2020

Mars reenters Pisces – Oct 3rd, 2020

Mars direct in Pisces (Revati nakshatra): Nov 14th, 2020

Mars reenters Aries: Dec 24th, 2020

Mars Gandantha:

August 7th, 2020 to October 14th, 2020

Dec 14th, 2020 to Jan 1st, 2021


Evolutionary process of Mars:

From fighting to strengthen the physical body (Tamas), to surmounting external challenges and conflicts (Rajas), to the disciplined yogi, courageously facing their deepest self (Sattwa) is the evolutionary process of Mars.


Principles of Mars:

  • Capacity for strength
  • Actions speak louder than words
  • Fighting the good fight.
  • What principles are we willing to fight for?
  • Mars is willing to suffer for our principles, in fact enjoys it.
  • Day-to-day capacity to wake up early, eat the right food, so our spiritual practices is the highest quality of Mars
  • Strength and courage to face the true enemy, our ignorance
  • Mars can activate the adrenals giving us superhuman-like power to take action – to protect our body or to destroy a threat
  • That adrenaline rush can also make us numb to the pain of our wounds and the pain we are inflicting on others
  • Black and white approach – doing only one thing at a time



  • First sign of the zodiac, initiating sign – likes to start things but not complete it
  • Ram charging forward with its head down, eyes lowered – not always looking where it is going – often running into walls in the process
  • Motivation to take action without a lot of forethought
  • Since Aries is quadruped, it is comfortable moving forward but has a hard time adjusting or retracing their steps. They would rather die on their sword than retreat – warrior class.


Mars retrograde in Aries:

  • Mars rules Aries. Hence the sign of Aries is an embodiment of Mars
  • Retrograde Mars in Aries forces us to retreat and retrace our steps before we take action
  • Creates frustration as the energy built for taking forward action gets internally backed up – either emotionally or psychologically
  • The simple black and white approach becomes harder – creating implosions and explosions – often in the form for emotional outburst, destruction of relationships and external chaos
  • One is forced to retract back and weigh in the consequences of actions which feels extremely uncomfortable
  • Ashvini nakshatra ruled by the Ashvin Kumars is related to healing energy that is essential for creating life. Ashvin Kumars are the medicine Gods that gave Ayurveda to the world.
  • Mars going retrograde in this nakshatra is good opportunity to dig deep within to see what needs to be healed in order for you to move forward
  • It is also a good time to evaluate whether your courage and enthusiasm aligns your actions with Dharma and not just worldly conquest of power.



  • Last sign of the zodiac; footless – seemingly directionless on the physical plane
  • The heart, emotions and psyche swim in metaphysics, philosophy, devotion, feelings, love and peace
  • But we incarnate on earth in a physical body where actions need to be performed
  • In the highest form these actions will immerse you in yogic practices, meditation and devotion as a means to liberate you from the attachment to the physical form
  • However, Pisces tend to escape the burdens of the world through drugs or alcohol – even numb themselves with TV, movies and mindless entertainment


Mars retrograde in Pisces:

  • The forward moving nature of Mars when retrograde in Pisces tends to exaggerate the emotional build up of energy in the form of anger, frustration and emotional outburst
  • One moment you may find yourself picking up a battle with someone over philosophical issues, the other moment you may find yourself feeling drained and escaping into drugs, alcohol, TV or just sleeping
  • The directionless nature of Pisces frustrates Mars because Mars is about taking forward, black and white action
  • The fiery energy of Mars backing up in Pisces presents the opportunity to transmute your emotional entanglements to something purer; detach from our emotional and psychological bondage to people and substances and truly be in bliss for no reason. That requires immense courage which retrograde Mars in Pisces provides if we can figure out how to tap into it.


Mars Gandanta:

  • While transiting between Aries-Pisces and back into Pisces, Mars will be traversing the Gandanta point between Pisces and Aries
  • Gandanta is a section in the section (always between a water sign and an air sign) where there is no nakshatra (constellation) bridging that jump.
  • As a result, shifts happening during these times can feel abrupt, jarring, and happening out of the blue.
  • It increases the level of uncertainty, leading to even more chaotic, explosive behaviors.



  • Sadhana – Pranayam, physical yoga and meditation
  • Think before you act
  • Engage in activities that create a tear in the skeletal muscle like strength training. Emotions often get stuck in muscles and exercising the muscles helps release those emotions in a healthier way. Also, a great way to channel the Mars energy that is backing up in the psyche.


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