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February 8, 2020by Malini Iyer0

It took me a while to get myself to write something about the Full Moon in Ashlesha nakshatra in Cancer. My father and my ex-fiancé had their moons in Ashlesha, both had untimely deaths, both had an other-worldly nature to them. It takes a while to process all of that onto my writing pad. That’s the nature of Ashlesha, symbolized and ruled by serpents – this section of sky entwins us in its mysteries. It is also the nakshatra that lies at the gandhanta (junctional point) of a water and fire sign. Gandhanta points are important transformational points.

Ashlesha lies in Cancer, love being the key to transform the inner self. Planets in this section of the sky are often sensitive to lack of nurturing love and will tend to over-compensate in their relationships with either no boundaries or overly stringent boundaries. Mercury, rules Ashlesha, and also all the nakshatras that lie in the water signs of these gandhantas. Mercury brings necessary intelligence and discernment required to transcend the emotional and psychological whirlpool. Natives with planets in this nakshatra also tend to commit suicide or have an untimely death, however, death to them is merely a means of crossing the veil to explore other dimensions. Moon in this nakshatra also has an innate knowledge of the self beyond this body. My entire spiritual foundation came from my father, often summed up in 1-2 lines, and only when I asked for it in desperation – no unsolicited advice.  Notice yourself find insights in a whirlpool of your own thoughts and emotions. Come from a place of genuine love to transcend the entanglements of the intellect.

We also have Mars in the gandhanta of Scorpio and Sagittarius, as Mars just crossed over into Sagittarius joining Jupiter and Ketu. Mars may add fuel to your disgust with organizational structures that do not support your growth. Notice yourself having renewed vigor to move the needle on the causes or outcomes you really care about.

With Saturn now well established in Capricorn and Venus exalted in Pisces, notice your tendencies to engage in relationships with higher awareness and stronger boundaries. Notice your intolerance to discrimination, disrespect, and abuse. Instead of imploding or exploding, it is important to channel this energy towards creating a path out of the patterns and habits that led to the situation. Above all use a healthy dose of love untangled with desires, service and boundaries towards one-self first and then with others.

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