What My Clients Say


"Its beyond a treat to get a Vedic astrology reading from Malini. Its an illuminating gift. One that revealed much and left a lot to ruminate on. Listening to her elaborate on my chart made me want to enroll in a course so I could learn this science myself, that's how fascinating it was for me.Her background is incredibly ...deep, its practically in her bones. As a scientist/researcher by profession, she's surgically precise and super thorough about it. She even reverse engineered the math on my chart to determine my exact birth hour down to the minute, which my mother later verified.Yet her delivery is gentle and digestible, in morsels a laymen like myself could easily comprehend. Pennies dropped left and right: both longstanding and current life patterns made sense in forehead slapping ways. To hear how heavenly bodies were aligned at one's birth, how these celestial forces have shifted and shaped one's course and how they influence our present life is truly fascinating. Its so layered, so complex I could barely grasp the ABCs: houses, signs, solar, lunar nodes, the intersection of those and dozens of other factors.. truly a mind boggling paradigm that deepens the further one dives into it yet Malini breaks it down as simple as we need it to be. Not only does she have a deep reverence and curiosity for this science, her vast knowledge of Hindu mythology adds even more layer to the richness of her readings. Her strong intuitive abilities know what is most beneficial to be transmitted.The scientific precision, the respect and love for this craft, the mythological tangent(s), combined with keen intuition, delivered in an understandable way, with honesty and empathy... what more could one ask for in a reading?"

Z Bilik

“Doing a reading with Malini was surprising and delightful — I learned more about who I am, what my purpose is, and where I’m going in this life. She has a beautiful way of communicating and connecting when she sits with you. She is wise and loving. It’s an honor to be able to share with her and learn from her.”

Amy Kim, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist

"I have had previous readings of my Natal Chart and the result had always left me feeling confused and without direction. When Malini read my Natal Chart, it was a vastly different experience and one that was full of rich knowledge.   It gave me a solid understanding of my foundation, which then helped me align to... actions/direction. I found that she was able to capture my essence, which then became woven into the fabric of my reading. It truly was a unique session, Malini certainly has a gift that can benefit many souls."

Bhavana Maitri, SHRM-CP, PHR
Human Resources Professional
Cosmic Art and Science

In Tune With The Universe